We acquire remarkable digital businesses.


Pomador is a private equity firm based in Israel focused on digital assets. We use our technology, knowledge, experience, and resources to source unique investment opportunities, create value for our businesses and generate maximum returns for our investors.

How do we do it?

Over the years, we have developed proprietary technology that enables us to constantly push our portfolio to the front line of SaaS and publishing. We deploy our tools and expertise on our assets and command improvement in product, marketing, technology, financial efficiency and monetization.

03. What are we looking for?
Do-Good assets
Mostly based on organic traffic
SaaS products or websites monetized by display ads
Tanner H.

While I was aprehensive in the beginning, Pomador turned out to be a great buyer for my online business. I can say that Ron and Shuky are reliable, professional, accommodating and trustworthy.

Tanner H., Seller, ReadTheory.org

Ron Kirschenbaum
Ron Kirschenbaum Managing Partner
Ron Kirschenbaum Managing Partner

Ron started out as a strategy consultant to Israel’s largest companies, he then went on to start his real-estate business until he founded Pomador with Shuky.

Josh Capon
Josh Capon Managing Partner
Josh Capon Managing Partner

Josh (Shuky) comes from a tech entrepreneurship background. He previously founded a startup in the retail space named STOREE and a software consultancy company named BU.